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Agenda for The Change Your Roots Program.

The agenda is tentative and subject to change due to participant needs, sailing conditions and
weather. There are often changes in port order and days at sea.

 Suggested boarding time between 12:00 Noon and 1:00 PM 6 December 2008.

The programs will be presented during the days at sea in 1 hour blocks. There will be 18 hours of intensive 
business/leadership and personal development instruction. Skill interaction assignments every day make even 
the off time productive and fun. Fixed time for the conference segments will not be available until shortly before

1.      Day 0. Get onboard, get settled, and get your bearings. 
2.      Day 1, segment 1. Registration and Orientation. Cruise tips that will insure a healthy voyage and good
         health in the workplace. 
Day 1, segment 2. Who is the Boss? Understand the nature of the subconscious mind and understand how
         it affects your moods, accomplishments, ups and downs, and your perception of others. Become aware of
         your daily programming.
Day 1, segment 3. Affirmations. How to use affirmations to program you and your people to achieve more.
Day 1, segment 4. Treasure Mapping. Discover what you really want and insure that you get precisely what
         you want.
Day 1, segment 5. Self Talk and Subliminal Programming. What you say and think when no one, other than
         your subconscious, is listening changes your life.
Day 1, segment 6. Experience What You Want. How to do it in your mind first then in the real world. How
         and when to do it for the greatest effect.
Day 2. Practice what you have learned with the people you meet. 
Day 3. Practice what you have learned with the people you meet.
Day 4. Practice what you have learned with the people you meet.
Day 5, segment 7. Vivid Imagination. Earl Nightingale said, “The most important nation in the world is
         Imagination.” Be a leader in Imagination.
Day 5, segment 8. Plan It, Pen It! Set and achieve goals and create a balanced life.
Day 5, segment 9. Your People. Associate with the right people. How to pick the people in your life that will
         make your life and business better.
Day 5, segment 10. NLP Reframe. Change the way you and your people view past events so they
         empower you rather than weaken or tear you down.
Day 5, segment 11. Feed Your Brain. Books, CDs, seminars, coaches, and DVDs are your mental food.
         How to pick the right ones and use them to make you better.
Day 5, segment 12. Hypnosis. How to use self hypnosis to improve performance and how to recognize and
          diffuse hypnotic imbedded commands.
Day 6, segment 13. Strange but True RET & PNRI. Identify and eliminate negative emotions. Just an
18.  Day 6, segment 14. The Master Mind. Assemble and join groups that will make achieving your goals
          easier and less difficult.
Day 6, segment 15. The Bottles. Take control of your budget and cash flow.
Day 6, segment 16. Act As If or Death by Fear. Your demeanor plays a major roll in how people respond to
          your suggestions.
Day 6, segment 17. Play to Win. Victory is more rewarding than breaking even.
22.  Day 6, segment 18. Values, Beliefs, and Desires. Remove the conflicts in your life and watch success roll in.

 Cruising Agenda


Port of Call

Arrival Time

Departure Time


San Diego

5:00 PM


At Sea


Cabo San Lucas

8:00 AM

5:00 PM



8:00 AM

5:00 PM


Puerto Vallarta

8:00 AM

10:00 PM


At Sea


At Sea


San Diego

7:00 AM

San Diego
San Diego's magnificent coastline, ideal climate and Mediterranean facade make it the quintessential Southern California beach city. The best spot to experience the So-Cal beach scene is the 3-mile stretch from the southern tip of Mission Beach to the northern end of Pacific Beach.
Cabo San Lucas
The “Marlin Capital of the World” features exciting charters to the areas top sport fishing spots. Take a boat excursion to the landmark El Arco (The Arch), a dramatic rock formation right at the tip of the peninsula, where seals, sea lions and pelicans bask in the sun.
The “Pearl of the Pacific” is a superior vacation destination that boasts an incredible history and an infinite amount of contemporary attractions. Most recognized for its unrivaled sport fishing, Mazatlan’s historical sites, monuments, beaches and nightclubs all contribute to its allure.
Puerto Vallarta
Exuberant tropical vegetation and the majestic Sierra Madre mountains welcome vacationers to this traditional Mexican village. Spend the morning floating above Banderas Bay from a parasail or a hot air balloon. Go golfing or play tennis. Spend a few hours horseback riding in the jungle, or take a mountain bike to see ancient stone paintings.




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