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Change Roots
18 Steps



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Change Your Roots

Have you ever wondered why you do all the dumb things you do? 
It is because you are a victim of other peoples programming. You Can 
Program Your own Subconscious Mind. It Is The Difference Between 
Mastery and Average!
Who is in control? You would like to think it is you and your 
conscious mind. The real boss is your subconscious. 

18 Steps to Greatness

All success in life comes from compliance to basic principles. When one applies the 
principles taught in this program one is assured to obtain his or her desires unless they 
interfere with the rights of others.  Using the 18 Steps to Greatness you and your group 
can have love, money, and personal power. You can have it all! (Each of the 18 
Steps can be a stand alone program.)

Influence System of Lions 

Learn the art and science of dynamic persuasion power. The climate of the 21st century 
demands more of people. This program goes beyond just getting more customers, it 
builds all your relationships. It teaches you how to attract and retain more customers as 
clients. When you apply the Persuasion System of Lions you experience more 
frequent and bigger sales. They come easier and faster. 

Lion Leaders MLM Boot Camp

Discover the secrets of MLM and Walk with the lions of multilevel marketing. This 
program serves everyone from the beginner to the master of the network marketing 
industry. It introduces the concept of Personal Organization Distribution (POD). It will help 
both the high achievers and those who are still struggling. Leaning the truth about the 
opportunity dispels discouragement and renews enthusiasm. The MLM Leaders 
improves activity and retention.



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